Be Super Cool, Adopt a Pet

For some of us it might be hard to understand why anyone wouldn’t want to adopt a pet. But the truth is shelters face many challenges when it comes to finding forever homes for all the animals that come through their doors.

Shelters have to combat preconceived ideas about why these pets were given up. You have to admit, it is hard not to wonder about these animals’ backstories. Where did they come from? And why did their previous owners let them end up here?

In many cases the reason behind an animal’s arrival at a shelter has little to do with the animal. In some cases previous owners weren’t ready for the responsibility. Often times people are moving to a new home that won’t accommodate their pet. (Psst.. This seems like a good time to throw in a reminder of the responsibility you take on when you bring a pet home!)

Shelters try to remedy the problem by running PSAs and campaigns to remind people there are perfectly healthy, loving pets waiting to go home with them, if only they were to come by and take a look.

Take a look at these:

The Big Move

“Super Cool”

There are also some great resources online that can help you find the perfect pet for you! Just search your area code, and you will be able to browse through hundreds of homeless animals in your area that are ready to be adopted!

Take a look at The Shelter Pet Project, which is powered by the wonderful people over at

Did you adopt your pet from a shelter? Tell us about your experience in the comments. As always you can also share pictures of your pet on our wall!

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2 Responses to Be Super Cool, Adopt a Pet

  1. carol vegas says:

    I have adopted several pets from shelters over the years. They have turned out to be some of the best. My latest adoption was just this last January. A very cute and personable 1 and1/2 year old Min Pin. Unfortunately he had heartworm. However the shelter helped us to pay for trearment as I was not going to give up on taking him home, I had already promised him he would have a forever home with me and my 6 other dogs, 4 of whom have been adopted because no one else wanted them. The treatment worked quite well and he is now a very healthy new addition to our lives. We wouldn’t change a thing and will most likely adopt from our shelter in the future. Shelter pets seem to appreciate finding a home more so than some others.

  2. Dawn says:

    The first one makes me sad. 😦
    The second one is so funny! 😀
    My dogs make me feel so loved and appreciated when they look at me like that.

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