When Was the Last Time You…

When was the last time you devoted a bit of your free time to a special cause?

With so much going on in our everyday lives, it’s easy to forget about giving back to the community. So here is your reminder, your call to action! There are so many benefits to contributing your time to a good cause.
– You get to help others!
– You will meet new people and make new friends!
– You get to learn about something new. Who knows, maybe it becomes a passion!
– Volunteering makes you feel good!

What could you do to improve the world around you?

In this great online community of pet lovers, it’s safe to assume you care about animals. We have seen many responses from PAL fans who are personally dedicated to helping shelter animals find forever homes. As a pet lover, this may be the perfect cause for you to get behind as well!

Here’s what you can do to help!

Give your local shelter a call. This is the best way to find out if they need volunteers. Volunteers may not always be interacting with animals – you might be cleaning, or doing general office work – but shelters often need the extra help!

Foster pets at home. When shelters get puppies or kittens they ask volunteers to take them in and care for them during those crucial first few weeks. As a foster you are expected to provide food (and love!) for your furry guests. A great way to stay informed about potential fostering opportunities is to follow your local shelter on Facebook.

Spread the word. Maybe you don’t have a lot of spare time. Even just reposting a shelter’s post on Facebook or Twitter could help a homeless pet find a home!


We’d love to hear about your experiences. Tell us your volunteering stories in the comments!

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2 Responses to When Was the Last Time You…

  1. We have always loved reptiles and are now dedicating our lives to helping the amazing creatures. My husband and I recently (8/1/11) open a reptile rescue. We specialze in iguanas but won’t turn away an reptile in need if we have room available. Check us out at http://www.leguanlegune.org

  2. I work for a large steel tubing manufacturer. Last January (10 degree snow storm) a small orange cat wandered in the plant to get out of the cold. He was sitting on a pallet of lumber just watching me. He was very sick. His eyes and nose were almost crusted shut and he was extremely underweight. I took him home that night and then to our vet the next morning. She wanted to “put him down” but I said no. At that point she offered to donate the six months of care and medicine he would need to get well. She made no guarantees. I took him to the vet everyday so that they could give him the medicines he needed.

    Romeo (Romi for short) now runs our entire household and has more personality than any pet I have ever seen. He follows us everywhere in the house and sleeps in the bed with us. Yeah….I know! His eyes still water a little from his sickness but he is otherwise healthy.

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