Furry Friends!

PAL fans, we have fun and exciting news!

You may or may not have heard about the popular pet blog, “Romeo the Cat,” which chronicles the life of a cat named Romeo, told from his perspective. It makes for a really fun read. The blog also does a lot to raise money for various animal rescue causes, and features a different charity every month.

Because of Romeo the Cat’s dedication to promoting pet adoption, they seemed like a natural ally to our mission at PAL. Therefore…. drumroll please…. we have teamed up with Romeo the Cat! PAL will be contributing to the pet-charities Romeo the Cat features over the next ten months!

Awesome, right?!

Now, here’s the fun part!

Romeo the Cat will be hosting Furry Friend Fridays every week! What is Furry Friend Fridays, you ask? Submit your personal story about how wonderful it is to live with multiple pets and your story (and your pet!) could be featured on the blog!

Though the blog focuses on Romeo, who is clearly a cat, your submission can be about any type of pet! Feel free to send along a few photos as well. To get the full low-down on Furry Friend Fridays check out this post.

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