Best Dog Parks in America

It’s about that time again, the sun is out and your dogs are ready to frolic in the beautiful weather. Dog parks are a great way to get your best friend out of the house, exercising and socializing with other animals. We have searched high and low and found five of the BEST dog parks in the United States (in no particular order).

Dog Wood Dog Park – Jacksonville, Florida


Dog Wood Dog Park features 25 acres of fenced-in doggy heaven. If your dog likes to swim, chase a Frisbee, dig in the sand or run for miles Dog Wood is the perfect place for them to stretch their legs and improve their fetching skills.

Point Isabel Dog Park – Richmond, California


This dog park offers 23 acres of fun, including swimming, running and hiking for both you and your pooch. If your dog loves to swim this is the place to be, but don’t forget a towel because things can get muddy when you are having fun.

Fort Woof – Fort Worth, Texas


We love this dog park, not only because of the clever name, but also because it’s one of few dog parks that is open late – until 11:30 pm. It also has separate areas for big and little dogs, so you do not have to worry about your little guy playing rough and tough with the big guys in the park.

Rosie’s Dog Beach – Long Beach, California


Everyone enjoys a day at the beach. Rosie’s Dog Beach is 2.9 acres of ocean summer bliss. You can even catch some rays while your dog splashes in the ocean.

Tompkins Square Dog Run – New York, New York


And last, but certainly not least, is Tompkins Square Dog Run. This was one of the first dog parks in New York City and includes three large pools, free tennis balls and bench seating for you to relax while Fido gets his miles in for the week!



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3 Responses to Best Dog Parks in America

  1. Amy Fagan says:

    I”m really surprised that Houston, TX is not listed here. There are many wonderful dog parks there!

  2. Josefine W. Joyce says:

    I Wish I lived in Long Beach . I live in Charleston S C, near FOLLY BEACH. Dogs NOT allowed between 10 A M and 6 P M on the beach at ALL during summer. Never allowed OFF LEAD any other time. Very disappointing !!!!!!

  3. Herbert Lian Hearn says:

    This is great… I wish my dog had access to one of these parks but I don’t live anywhere near… 😦 still a run in the local park with other dogs is better than nothing!

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