Halloween Pet Safety Tips!

As the spookiest night of the year approaches, keep your entire family’s safety at top of mind – pets included! Whether taking Fido along during trick-or-treating or keeping your four-legged pals safe and snug at home, brush up on these quick tips to ensure the entire family has a safe and spook-tacular Halloween!

  • Dressing up your pet? Make sure they are able to move around comfortably and costumes are loose enough that won’t inhibit their breathing, hearing or range of motion. Avoid costumes that have small, dangling objects, which can potentially present choking hazards.
  • Keep candy and chocolate out of paw’s reach! Ensure that big bowl of candy that’s waiting to be handed out or pillow cases loaded with goodies remain out of your pet’s reach at all times. Consuming any amount of candy or chocolate can cause pets to become seriously ill, and can potentially be fatal. So be sure to keep treats out of their reach and encourage kids to sort their candy in a separate area as well!
  • Keeping pets properly identified throughout the evening is key. Whether taking pets out or keeping them indoors, ensure they are wearing identification tags at all times should they get lost or dart out the front door unexpectedly.
  • Carving pumpkins goes hand-in-hand with Halloween, but if you’re going to illuminate your masterpiece with a candle, make sure it’s somewhere your pet can’t get to or knock over. (Remember that cats are masterminds when they’re curious about something!)
  • If your pet gets overly anxious or hyper when the doorbell rings, consider keeping them in a designated part of the house during trick-or-treating hours to keep them calm and relaxed. Ensure they have plenty of their own toys and treats to keep them entertained and occupied!
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  1. David Woods says:

    This is great information. Thank you for publishing this.

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