PAL & The Ellen DeGeneres Show are giving away $5,000!

We know how much love and happiness pets bring to our lives, that’s why we’ve teamed up with The Ellen DeGeneres Show to help spread the word about the joys that come along with adding a pet to your family. And, we’re giving away $5,000 to one lucky pet-loving fan!

Entering couldn’t be easier. Whether you rescued a pet or did something incredible for an animal in need, PAL and The Ellen DeGeneres Show want to hear your pawsome story and why you deserve the prize! To enter, click here.

And, in case you missed us on the show, catch us (and more cute pet videos!) here!

Good luck!

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2 Responses to PAL & The Ellen DeGeneres Show are giving away $5,000!

  1. Lynn DuBose says:

    I would like to nominate Carolyn Yager she is a volunteer at All about animals shelter in Macon,Ga She is the works behind what pets add life is all about! She has pets of her own and is truly dedicated to helping any pet in need. Sun up sun down, rain, cold hot, in just about any weather she is there working her tail to the bone for all the fur babies.She is truly amazing : )

  2. Thomas Oxford says:

    We had recently adopted a dachshund from American Dachshund Resue . He was 1yr old. We knew when we got Henry he had, had some issues with his health. Everyone thought he would be ok. We had him for 3 weeks. Unfortunately Henry had to be put to sleep. He had a turn for the worst yesterday and he could not recover from it. We have had pets all my life and this was the hardest.
    Not all adoptions go this way, I have many friends that have done this. Just some people don’t realize what it takes to take care of a pet.
    For the short time we had him he was so loveable. If you sat down Henry was in your lap, it was his favorite spot. He had the cutest face and we have had a lot of dachshunds. He was hard not to love instantly.
    I have to thank the emergency Vet service in Syracuse. They did all they could to help him. They were very caring. They even made a paw print to remember Henry by.
    You never know how much a pet can change your life even if you have them for a short time

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