Tips to Protect Your Pal in Cold Weather

With cold winter weather sweeping across the nation and much of the country currently experiencing record-setting low temperatures, it’s imperative to keep your pal’s health and safety top of mind! In addition to keeping your two-legged family members happy and warm, prepare your four-legged friends for cold weather with these tips:

  • Do not keep pets outdoors at night or for any extended period of time during the day. General rule of thumb is, if you’re too cold to be outside, so are they…they’ve become accustomed to the same temperatures as you!
  • If pets need to go outdoors, consider dressing them in warm and comfortable clothes. Pets are sensitive to extreme cold and are at risk for frostbite and hypothermia if outdoors for too long.
  • Protect their paws from salt! Salt and its residue is a corrosive compound that can damage the tender flesh between your pets’ toes. Make sure to put boots on your pet or wipe their paws before coming inside, especially if you’re not using a pet-safe de-icer.
  • Find interactive toys and puzzles to keep your pets entertained and engaged when outside playtime is not an option!
  • Older pets and puppies are more sensitive to extreme temperatures so make sure to provide heated beds, clothing and extra shelter for them.
  • Horse owner? Ensure they have access to fresh food and unfrozen water at all times! Look into heated water buckets and horse blankets for extra warmth!

Did we forget any tips? Add them in the comments!

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3 Responses to Tips to Protect Your Pal in Cold Weather

  1. In winters, it becomes more important to keep your pets in warm environment to keep them healthy and specially in the night make sure not to stay them outside. Also, having a pet health insurance help them in medical emergencies.

  2. Mathilda Murray says:

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  3. Emily lopez says:

    Yes winter cold here and we should keep them safe and warm that will avoid the health risk that can affect due to cold. So as a pet owner be responsible and careful towards your pet .

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