Celebrate National Get a Pal For Your Pet Day TOMORROW!

pal day 1

Celebrate pets tomorrow during PAL’s National Get a Pal For Your Pet Day, November 19, a special day created to spread awareness of the importance of providing your pets with another pet pal for added companionship! Join the celebration and help spread the message by changing your social media profile photos to custom Get a Pal For Your Pet Day images all day, as well as using #Pals4Pets on all social media channels. We encourage you to share and post photos of your own pets throughout the day, post to Instagram, Pinterest, share Vine videos of your pets together, and most importantly, show your support by encouraging family and friends to consider adding another pet to the family!

We’ve created custom Facebook and Twitter profile and cover images along with a general share photo, all available for your use here. And don’t forget to visit the PAL YouTube channel to view and share a variety of entertaining videos featuring “talking” pets in need of pals!

We look forward to seeing photos of your pet pals tomorrow (and every day!) and we thank you for your support and help in spreading the message that pets need a pal to talk to!

pal day 2

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