PAL is Giving Away $50K in 50 Days!





Is that free money we smell?

It’s that time again, when Pets Add Life has an itch to give away cash to deserving organizations, like your community’s rescue or adoption shelter! This year, PAL will be giving away $1,000 every day to one shelter in each state based on your submissions – and entering is simple: just tell us how your shelter could benefit from the extra money.

All you have to do is enter here between March 1-15 and submit your shelter’s story. Starting March 16, we’ll be spreading the love for fifty days straight and announcing the winners on our Facebook page. We’ll accept one submission per person.

We can’t help but be grateful for rescue organizations and the people who dedicate their time to the incredible and undoubtedly overwhelming mission of saving pets’ lives.




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5 Responses to PAL is Giving Away $50K in 50 Days!

  1. Jo Jones says:

    Help care for animals, donate&help find homes for our furry friends!

  2. Jo Jones says:

    Help care for our furry friends,donate,find homes,adopt them!!🐕🐩🐈🐶🐱🐰🐴🐹🐁🐴🐷

  3. Amy Roman says:

    thank you for this opportunity for our rescues. Our Facebook page has over one hundred and five thousand supporters. We Work tirelessly day and night to bring awareness and educate the public. Over 3,000 dogs over 60 cat saves in three years we are 100% no kill. We video everything for all eyes to see. Countless media attention. We are desperate for help. 100 + abandoned dogs Everglades Florida thanks you for this opportunity.

  4. Pamela Robb says:

    I put in an entry but it accepted it before I could put in the name of the organization or my comments..suggestion?

  5. Yelp BR is a shelter for dogs. As I type that I should say they are so much more. They are loving and amazing people who do amazing things for dogs in need in baton rouge. They do everything for the dogs they have. They work so hard to find them the perfect homes and won’t stop until they do. Please help them help more animals.

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