7th Annual Pets Add Life Children’s Poetry Contest Winners: Mallory, 6th Grade

6th Grade Mallory Sterner

My Cookie
By: Mallory S.

 My pet is a mini
He is a guinea
Cookie monster is his name.

He loves to talk and chatter
when something is the matter,
or sometimes when he wants a snack.

To me only he will respond
because we have a special bond
I love my guinea pig.

Am I obsessed?  A little, maybe.
After all he is my baby.
He really loves me too.

He loves to cuddle and to play.
I love him more than I can say.
My best pal, Cookie.

 Some people like dogs and cats,
gerbils, iguanas, even rats.
Me, I love my pig.

 As for me I’ll take my pig
even though he’s not that big.
Thanks to mom and dad for Cookie.

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