Dogs in the Office? Sign Us Up!

June 24 is Take Your Dog to Work Day, an opportunity for some workplaces to open their doors to canine coworkers – and, needless to say, we are all for the idea. Here at the Pets Add Life headquarters, we adopted a dog-friendly office policy years ago and never looked back. Not only are we spared the sad morning goodbye before work, but we’ve also noticed a difference in how our office functions – more smiles, less stress, and better ideas. But don’t take our word for it! A number of studies have proven that pets in the workplace:

  • Improve moral.
  • Yield less absenteeism.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Prompt short, therapeutic breaks.
  • Cause more unity among coworkers.
  • All of which contribute to better productivity.

If your workplace is lucky enough to be participating in Take Your Dog to Work Day, make sure your pal is prepared. Avoid bringing dogs that are hyper, anxious, or loud, as you want this to be an enjoyable experience for both your pet and your peers. Make sure you have something to both entertain and treat your pet with, as well as a leash and doggy bags, and always respect the colleagues who choose not to engage with your pal.

We’d love to see your office dogs! Snap a pic of your canine coworkers and post them to our Facebook page!

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