8th Annual Pets Add Life Children’s Poetry Contest Winner: Alexis J., 4th Grade


4th Grade Winner
My Friendship With This Ole Bay
By: Alexis J.

I have a horse, his name is Ray.

His hair is chocolate brown, his feet are too, and he wears four shiny shoes.

Sometimes we ride in a lazy walk, sometimes in a speedy trot, but my favorite way to ride my friend is in a lope around the lot.
He has a spot upon his head, reminds me of a star. Sometimes we ride to this riverbank, it’s the best ride by far.
Sometimes he has a little buck, Oh boy is that a mess!
I find myself in the dirt, this is not the ride I like best!

I love my horse with all my heart!
He’s ornery kind, and the best part…
he loves me too, and I can tell cause he lets me catch him from the start!

I fancy giving him a bath, he likes it when l scrub his back.
Sometimes he rubs on me too, “Thanks Ray!” l say.

We adore ridin’in the play days, barrels, poles, and flags!
I love this horse, and he loves me. That’s how the story goes.
I know with all my soul l can always count on Ray.

I’ve had this buddy for many years, since l was a tiny little girl.
Now I’m older, so is Ray, I really love this ole Bay!

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