If you ‘Carrot All’, it’s International Rabbit Day!


Saturday, September 24, is International Rabbit Day, a shout out to the long-eared loves of our lives who, in our opinion, don’t get enough credit. Not only are rabbits entertaining and affectionate, they’re also pretty easy to care for. If you’ve been curious about bringing a bunny into your brood, now’s the perfect time! In honor of International Rabbit Day, here are a few of our favorite reasons to adopt a rabbit pal.

  • They’re Perfect for Apartments. They don’t require much living space, they certainly won’t bother your neighbors, and you won’t be leashing up for any bathroom breaks.
  • An Alternative for the Allergic. There are many people who are allergic to dogs and cats but not to rabbits, making them a wonderful option for animal companionship.
  • They’re Playful and Full of Personality. Just like dogs and cats, rabbits have varying personalities and levels of affection. They’re just as capable of interacting and forming a bond with their human, and can even be taught to play games!
  • They’re Smart. Rabbits are no dummies, they can be trained to do things like come when called and use a litter box with the right training.
  • Adoptable and Easy to Care For! Not only are rabbits less maintenance than their more popular peers, they’re also completely adoptable through your local shelter.

Already have a hippity hoppity PAL? Share with us all month long!

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One Response to If you ‘Carrot All’, it’s International Rabbit Day!

  1. Leigh says:

    There was a time when everyone was getting rabbits for pets but its popularity (rabbits as pets) dwindled. I just hope happier days for our rabbits all around the world.

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