Polly Want a PAL? It’s Adopt a Rescued Bird Month!


January is Adopt a Rescued Bird Month – and you know we are all about giving a shout out to the less popular PALs out there! The truth is, for the right person, birds are a perfect companion – they’re low-maintenance buddies that have the smarts to truly bond with an individual. But that’s not all! Here are 5 wonderful reasons to consider bringing a bird into your brood.

  • Birds are Smart. Which means you can teach them to use tools or do other great tricks, even counting from left to right. For someone looking for a pet they can interact with without having to walk and exercise daily, a bird’s the perfect pupil!
  • Low-Maintenance Loves. Confined to cages with minimal grooming and exercise requirements, birds are convenient pets that don’t destroy furniture, require walks, or need bathing beyond the occasional nail trim and water rinse. (Though their cages will require at least a weekly cleaning!)
  • They’re Inexpensive to Feed. Think about feeding a bird for a month versus a dog or cat, not only do they eat considerably less but their food’s cheaper too.
  • Apartment Dwellers, Rejoice! Birds are great companions for those in small living spaces; some cages won’t even take up floor space because they hang from the ceiling!
  • They Can Be Real Love Birds. When properly trained and socialized birds can be just as attached and affectionate with their owners as a feline or canine counterpart. Most birds only bond with a few people in their lifetime, but for a person seeking companionship, birds should absolutely not be discounted!

Do you have a bird buddy in your life? Tell us more on Facebook!




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