It’s Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!


As many of you might know, October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month – and what kind of animal advocates would we be if we didn’t spread the word about this amazing mission? Dedicated to bringing homeless dogs into the spotlight, Adopt a Shelter Dog Month is the perfect opportunity to consider saving an animal’s life and welcoming a new pal into your family.

This month is especially near and dear to our hearts. We absolutely adore dogs and all of the love, activity, and laughter they bring into our lives and the lives of our animal-loving fans. From therapy dogs to herding pups to your favorite furry couch potato, dogs have the ability to fulfill so many amazing roles in the lives of humans that it’s hard for us to imagine life without them. If we had the means, we’d adopt every last one. Check with your local shelter as they might be running special adoption promotions throughout the month as well!

If you are unable to bring a furry pal home, your time is a wonderful thing to donate to shelter pups in need as well. You can walk them, feed them, love them, donate and/or clean towels, hose down kennels… You name a task, and chances are your local shelter will happily accept your offering to do it. You may also entertain the idea of fostering, as it frees up space at the shelter for another pet in need while also giving that pet a loving place to rest until their forever family adopts them.

For tips on how to bring a new pet into your home, head here. And don’t forget to post a picture of your adorable adopted pup on our Facebook page, we love seeing and sharing them!

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Join Us in the Pies 4 Paws Challenge!

PIESThe Ice Bucket Challenge is so August; we’re switching up the cause with Pies 4 Paws, an idea cultivated by PAL spokeswoman Jill Rappaport and executed by pet lovers like you to help pets in need across the nation. It’s simple, really! All you have to do is take a pie in the face, donate to a shelter or organization of your choice or adopt a pet, and challenge four people to do the same! Don’t forget to capture the action on film and use the hashtag #JillRappaportsPies4Paws and enjoy watching your friends and others take a pie to the face for an incredible cause!

If you don’t have the money to adopt or donate, that’s okay! There are plenty of ways to help your shelter simply by donating your time. You can walk the dogs, feed the animals, help wash towels – anything helps. Ideally, we would love to see every participant adopt or foster a pet in need, but the cause is simply to bring homeless pets and their shelters into focus. We can’t wait to see your videos! Make sure you post them on our Facebook page or @ mention us on Twitter so we can share the fun!

For more information, visit here.


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PAL buzzes on The Daily Buzz tomorrow!


Start off tomorrow morning with PAL! In honor of Adopt-a-Dog Month, we’re thrilled to be a part of The Daily Buzz tomorrow morning (October 2nd) where they’ll be sharing some fun facts about dog ownership and why these furry pals make great companions to adopt.

The daily morning show airs across the country, and we encourage you to check your local listings to find out what time and channel it airs in your neck of the woods. We hope you’re able to tune in, and if not, check back with us as we’ll post the segment afterwards as well!


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9/27 Is International Rabbit Day!


Tomorrow, September 27, marks International Rabbit Day, a day dedicated to our long-eared pals and their care! Much like the dogs and cats we dote on, rabbits are smart, curious, affectionate, and social. They can even be trained to do certain things like use a litter box or come when called!

When well cared for, rabbits can live for 7 to 10 years (or more), making them a solid companion animal and worthy investment of your time. They’re relatively inexpensive, with the only ongoing expenses being litter, food, chews/toys, and rare veterinary bills. And, the best part is, you can ADOPT them! There are often many rabbits in shelters just waiting for their forever homes.

Now, a few tips on their care. The most important part of a rabbit’s diet is grass hay, such as timothy or brome – they should have unlimited access to this, as it keeps their intestinal tract healthy. For added nutrition, however, they’ll need high quality pellets (it’s recommended to opt for a diet that’s 15-19% protein and 18% fiber.) If your rabbit is grown, feed them about 1/8 – 1/4 cup per day per five pounds of body weight; if they’re not yet fully grown, they can free feed. The last piece of this nutritional puzzle is fresh, leafy greens like collard greens, carrot tops, or other dark lettuces – recommended feeding is a minimum of 2 cups per 6 pounds of body weight. And, of course, constant access to fresh, clean water is a must!

While a commonly mundane chore, cleaning a rabbit’s cage is incredibly important to their well being, so be sure to empty out that old litter and clean the cage at least once a week, twice being optimal. If you notice your rabbit favoring a particular corner as their bathroom, try setting up a small newspaper-lined box in that corner, which will make cleaning their cage easier, prompting you to do it more often. Never use pine or cedar shavings for their cages, as the fumes can be bad for their livers.

Rabbits need veterinary check ups about once a year and should be spayed or neutered. And, like any other pet, pay attention to their food and water intake as well as their excrements – as these are all windows into your rabbit’s health.

Rabbits have varied personalities and getting to know yours is one of the best parts of being a rabbit owner! Make sure when handling your rabbit that you’re using, soft hands, supporting their rears so they feel safe, and talking in low, calm tones so as not to startle them. These simple care instructions should be all you need to get started with your pet rabbit, but if you’re curious about particular behaviors or specialty diets, consult your veterinarian!

We hope these tips are helpful, and as always, we’d love to see photos of you and your floppy-eared pals on our Facebook page!

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Add a Little Life to the New School Year!

PALThe new school year is in full swing! One great way to bring a little extra excitement to the school year? A classroom pet!

Pets provide incredible opportunities for growth in the classroom while also bringing excitement. They enrich the classroom experience by providing kids, some who have no exposure to animals or nature in their home environment, with the chance to see, feel, touch and make connections with the animal world. Plus, when teachers begin to incorporate a classroom pet into lesson plans, students often gain enthusiasm and interest for what might otherwise be uninteresting to them. Studies have even shown that classroom pets aid in improving school attendance!

So what can you do to improve the classroom experience for the kids in your life through a classroom pet? Let your teachers know about the benefits of having classroom animals, and then let them know about the Pets in the Classroom grant program! Since many school teachers have very limited resources for the support of classroom animals, the Pet Care Trust pet foundation began this educational grants program so teachers can obtain financial support for the purchase of new pets, pet environments or pet food and supplies for existing classroom pets. Teachers can apply for a direct, no-hassle grant through the Pets in the Classroom website ( and choose one of seven different types of grants, giving each teacher the opportunity to choose which grant is right for him or her. Grant options include:

  • Rebate Grant in the amounts of $100 (for small animal or birds) or $150 (for reptiles or fish) for purchases at any pet store;
  • Sustaining Grant in the amount of $50 to maintain an existing classroom pet;
  • Petco Grant, which provides coupons for the live animal, pet habitat and supplies purchased at Petco;
  • Petsmart Grant, which provides coupons for the live animal, pet habitat and supplies purchased at Petsmart; and
  • Pet Supermarket Grant, which provides coupons for live animal and pet supplies purchased at Pet Supermarket.
  • Pet Supplies Plus Grant, which provides coupons for live animal and supplies purchased at Pet Supplies Plus Stores, and
  • Petland Discounts Grant, which provides coupons for live animal and supplies purchased at Petland Discounts Stores.

To learn more about this great grant program, visit Please help us enrich the classroom experience by passing this information on to the teachers you know, or help the grant program continue to provide financial support to teachers across the country by donating to the program!

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7th Annual Children’s Poetry Contest Now Open!


Calling all creative kids! We’re excited to launch the 7th Annual Pets Add Life Children’s Poetry Contest, open now through January 31, 2015, and invite students across the nation in grades 3rd through 8th to write a unique poem(s) about the their pets and the joys and happiness they bring to their lives! One winner per grade level will be selected (6 total) to win $250, a “by-line” in a national publication or online outlet and $1,000 for their classroom to spend on pet-related education!


We also welcome teachers within the contest grade levels to incorporate the contest into their lesson plans and submit poems in one entry on behalf of their classroom.

To learn more about the Pets Add Life Children’s Poetry Contest, read previous winning poems, upload your submission, or download a printed submission form, please visit Good luck!

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Friendship Day Giveaways All Month Long!


In honor of Friendship Day (August 3), we are celebrating the special bonds and friendships we share… with our pets! We’re excited to provide you with a chance to win big for your PAL as we give away great prize packages all month long.

Each week this month we are honoring a new pet or type of pet who we have developed special friendships with. From horses to guinea pigs, dogs and cats, to hamsters, gerbils and rabbits, if you’ve got a special friendship with your pet, we want to celebrate it!

The contests will open at the beginning of each week and end on Friday, with a winner announced later that day. One winner each week will score a pet prize package containing goodies that relate directly to the pet of the week, including horses, small animals, dogs and cats! That’s a full month of pet-lovin’!

To enter, visit our Facebook page at, find the contest link for that week in our newsfeed and follow the instructions.

We’re looking forward to seeing your pictures and celebrating the wonderful friendships we have with our PALs!

Good luck!

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